ryan choi


Ryan is a graduate of Columbia University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Ryan’s curiosity for movement and medicine has guided his pathway to pursue his career in physical therapy. Additionally, he is a certified Gyrotonic® instructor, working with world class Latin/Ballroom dancers, Ballet dancers, NBA players, and Broadway singers. His experience with Gyrotonic® has enhanced his eyes to trace and isolate bodily movement dysfunctions. As a lifelong athlete in various sports, Ryan continues to share his expertise so that his patients may find success to their needs.


While at Columbia, Ryan was introduced to The Institute of Physical Art (IPA) and the practice of Functional Manual Therapy. Functional Manual Therapy is an intervention that combines mechanical treatments of one’s joints, soft tissues, viscera, and neurovascular components. It utilizes manual neuromuscular facilitation to enhance motor control and human function. He completed his clinical rotations at IPA Manhattan and Equilibrium NJ to further enhance his knowledge and skills to help achieve his patients’ goals and optimal quality of life. He continues to refine his skills by attending courses offered through the IPA.


Outside of clinic, you can find Ryan walking his dog, Dooly in his hometown Edgewater, NJ. Ryan plays tennis and golf with his peers and attempts to go to the gym every day.