sara d'agostino


Sara D’Agostino is an experienced movement specialist whose top priority is being able to provide her clients with the unique results they desire in a time frame that aligns with their busy schedules. Sara understands the importance of quality care in a timely and efficient manner. Having worked in the field of physical therapy for close to 20 years, Sara is able to provide her clients with a level of specialized care you won’t see in a traditional therapy setting. Sara is fortunate that her career has drawn from so many different backgrounds such as pediatrics, orthopedics, professional athletes and women’s health. Her number one goal for every client, no matter what background, is to provide them with a high level of care to help them achieve their goals and beyond. Sara prioritizes spending one on one time with each client to build successful results that last. 

Moving optimally has always been a top priority to Sara not only for herself, but also for her clients. Competing as a Division 1 level collegiate tennis player required Sara to optimize her performance at a high level and remain injury free. As a physical therapist who traveled with the LPGA tour and provided therapy to professional women golfers, she understands the importance of being able to compete and to participate in activities that bring you passion and joy. Through her experience, Sara has developed an in depth understanding of how an injury can prevent you from being able to participate in the activities that you love. She also has an intimate level of knowledge on both the mental and physical aspects to healing. 

Sara is now able to offer her clients a more integrative approach to treatment combining her physical therapy background with her yoga and Pilates training as well as her manual therapy skills. Sara enjoys working with a variety of orthopedic and pelvic floor diagnoses. 

What you can expect when working with Sara: 

High level of knowledge and experience

Integrative, mind-body approach to refining movement and healing

One-to-one care

Education on movement patterns and injury

Results in a timely and efficient manner

Sara graduated from the University of Miami with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She has lived in Summit, NJ for the past 15 years and proudly spends most of her free time with her two amazing boys.