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Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

In 1999 Sara graduated from the University of Miami with her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. She moved to the New York City area and began her career as an outpatient orthopedic PT working for a high volume clinic in the city. After getting married and starting a family, Sara relocated to Summit, NJ, and has been living there for the past 15 years. While raising two children, Sara continued to build her work experience in a variety of populations such as pediatrics and geriatrics. Feeling that a shift was needed in her life and career, she earned her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. The YTT was the turning point in her career revitalizing her passion for helping others. Realizing that she wanted to offer clients more than what she knew she could offer working in a high volume clinic setting, she set off on her own journey to start her own business as an integrative physical therapist.

Meanwhile in Miami…

In 2009, Alix moved to Miami after completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at MGH Institute of Health Professions. Having no idea about the industry in Miami, she chose a bunch of random PT clinics to apply for a position. After numerous mundane interviews, she interviewed at a Pilates-based PT facility on Miami Beach and had a great interview with someone who would completely transform her career. Christa and Alix worked together at that PT clinic for one year. In that same year, Alix started teaching and did her apprentice hours for Pilates at the studio that Christa owned at the time. After that year, Christa left to open Pilates in the Grove and Alix followed soon thereafter. Alix worked with Christa for a total of 10 years, ultimately becoming the manager of the Coconut Grove location of Pilates in the Grove… but, there was one problem… Miami wasn’t home. With no plan in sight, Alix decided to move back home to New Jersey and follow whatever signs the Universe put in front of her.

The stars aligned!

Alix was back in Watchung for one week when Christa reached out saying that her roommate from the University of Miami lived in the Newark area and was interested in starting her own studio but wasn’t sure where to start. Christa asked if Alix would be interested in talking to her roommate to either consult or maybe even work together. Alix got the sign she was looking for!

After taking a yoga class and meeting up to talk about ideas, The R3finery was instantly born. (The name took a little while, but the studio idea was solid). We contacted a real estate agent and we actually ended up renting the first space we saw! Thankfully, we shared a vision of the space, which we are actively working on executing. Once our beautiful space is complete, we look forward to bringing our expertise to Summit and the surrounding areas.

We will be offering one-on-one Physical Therapy, private Pilates and yoga sessions, as well as intimate group classes. We feel strongly about keeping our classes small, so that our background as physical therapists can shine through to your movement practice. For more information about the studio offerings and our professional backgrounds, please visit our website and sign up to receive details about our opening!

We can’t wait to start bringing our vision to life and begin refining the way you move!

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