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we're looking for a skilled physical therapist with a love for manual therapy and an interest in pilates

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R3fine How You Move

Discover Your Strength Within: Elevate Your Movement and Wellness Journey with The R3finery

Welcome to The R3finery

The R3finery: Where Movement Meets Transformation! Step into a world where every stretch, every breath, and every movement leads you towards your best self. Whether you're seeking the precision of Pilates, the healing touch of physical therapy or Reiki, or holistic wellness services, we're here to guide you on your journey. Let's r3fine how you move together!

What We Offer

At The R3finery, we're dedicated to refining your movement and enhancing your well-being through three core offerings: Pilates, Physical Therapy, and Wellness Services. 

reformer Pilates private best Pilates studio weight loss

Discover the transformative power of Pilates. Our team of extremely qualified instructors will keep you safe, energized, and excited to reach your goals. We offer personalized full apparatus private sessions (reformer, trapeze table, barrel, and chair), small group reformer classes for all levels and abilities from beginners all the way to advanced, specialty tower, jumpboard, and stretching classes, and private group sessions (duets, trios, quartets, quintets). Feel better, look better, and move better. Let's sculpt, strengthen, and r3fine together!


Experience Healing, Empowerment, and R3fined Movement with Our Physical Therapy Experts. Our dedicated team of trained professionals specializes in personalized rehabilitation, injury prevention, and holistic wellness. Benefit from one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs, guided by our expertise in biomechanics and functional movement. Plus, enjoy the added perk of insurance coverage, ensuring accessible care for all. Let's restore, strengthen, and thrive together!

wellness services best health coaching weight loss help

Prioritize your health and unlock your full potential with our R3fined Wellness Program. Uncover holistic well-being through personalized Health & Wellness Coaching, empowering Wellness Workshops, and real-time progress tracking with our Wellness Members App. Stay accountable to your goals with the help of your Wellness Coach and Community Support. Enjoy these services from the comfort of your own home, with flexible scheduling. Further, enjoy your self-care with our Reiki and Massage offerings. Let's cultivate balance, resilience, and true well-being together!

Where to Find Us

95 Summit Ave #303

Summit, NJ 07910


15 Route 202

Far Hills, NJ 07931


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The R3finery is here to help you refine your movement, refine your mind and refine your life. Life takes a toll on our bodies and our minds.  Learning to move in an intelligent and mindful way can help lessen that toll. 

Owners, Sara and Alix, are both Physical Therapists with a love for mindful movement and over 30 collective years in the industry.  Sara, also a yoga and Pilates instructor, emphasizes the importance of being mindful in your movement practice to ensure  safe and effective results.  Alix, also a Pilates instructor, adds Pilates to her myofascial release-based physical therapy practice, which has completely transformed how she can help her clients help themselves.  


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