class descriptions




This class is designed for someone new to yoga or for an experienced student who would like to return to basics and refine their practice. Students can expect to learn: an introduction to yoga philosophy, the basics of meditation and breath work, how to transition into and out of poses safely, a better understanding of body awareness and be exposed to a variety of yoga poses. This class will include components of flexibility, mobility, balance and strength work.


This class has a heavy emphasis on alignment and breath work. Students will benefit from having prior knowledge of basic yoga poses and sequencing. By limiting the size of the class, the teacher is able to offer modifications or advance each pose to accommodate for different levels and individual needs. Each class will be based in yoga philosophy and include meditation, warm up, sun salutations, flow and cool down. All classes will include more dynamic components of flexibility, mobility, balance and strength work.



All Levels Reformer

All levels are invited to join and the class will be taught to the level of the class.  The foundation of these classes is from the traditional pilates repertoire, but innovative twists on traditional exercises should be expected. While this is predominately an equipment-based class, props and some mat exercises will be included.


This class is for the advanced Pilates practitioner.  Clients are expected to know most exercises by name and be able to follow with minimal clarification, be able to adjust spring tension independently, and modify with minimal assistance.

 *client must be approved by an instructor to take an advanced level class