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megan shanahan fischer

The R3finery, Pilates studio near me, Summit Pilates
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Hi y’all! 


My name is Megan Shanahan Fischer and I’m very grateful to be able to join you at R3finery Pilates Studio here in Summit, NJ.


I discovered Pilates 21 years ago after a massive injury to my back while doing many marathons, triathlons, and prepping for my first iron man. As an avid athlete my entire life, it was a crucial time in healing my body, mind, and soul…and I’ve never looked back! 


Since then, I have taken classes as a daily form of exercise during my many years working in a corporate setting. In 2018, I reflected on what was most important to me in my life, and that was not only taking pilates, but to help people not only move their bodies but understand their bodies through mind/body connection. 


I then began my training and worked under a Balanced Body Master Instructor to become a fully comprehensive Balanced Body certified Pilates Instructor and gained invaluable and extensive experience working in Austin,Tx - which I have the pleasure to call home. I travel all over for my continuing education to grow more as teacher and to deepen my own practice as well as expand the practices to individuals with differing needs. My focus is to teach the core principles of Pilates while nourishing the philosophy that it should be accessible to everyBody. My own motto while teaching is, “Safety is Sexy”.  


I look forward to the opportunity in helping y’all in your own pilates journey and I'm excited to see you in the studio! 

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