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sara lerner


Sara is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.  She grew up a dancer, and has a strong movement background but didn’t find Pilates until after her two daughters were in school.  Sara struggled for years to find the right exercise outlet for her and fell in love with Pilates the first day she tried it.  Less than a year later she knew she wanted a better understanding of why Pilates helped her body the way it did and how it worked.  She also knew that she wanted to help others feel more flexible, stronger, better balanced and more confident, the way she did.  After 20 years in retail, Sara changed careers to become a Pilates instructor.  

Sara was trained and certified to teach both Mat and Apparatus Pilates by the prestigious Kane School in New York.  This program includes a strong foundation of anatomy, biomechanics, injuries and special populations, as well as the skills to perceive and improve them.  Sara is currently working towards her certification in Pilates through Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates through the Kane School.  She enjoys using this knowledge she has gained of the human body and how it moves to modify exercises for each individual client so that she can help clients move and feel better and create the right program for the person in front of her.


Sara enjoys working with new clients and those who are brand new to Pilates, supporting their growth and progression, confidence and strength, as well as those who are lifelong practitioners ready to try new challenges, perfect their form and continue to challenge themselves.  One of Sara's favorite parts of her job is working with and teaching our teacher trainees how to become Pilates instructors themselves.

Sara loves coming up with creative choreography to keep every class or private session new, fresh, exciting and fun, while focusing on the core principles of Pilates and providing a full body workout in each session. 

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